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Der Pflegedienst, der die Beatmungs-WG betreibt, in der mein Bekannter gezwungenermaßen ist, ist zu Erpressung übergegangen. Die Kommunikation auf Social Media soll aufhören, sonst würden sie ihm kündigen (dann wäre er ohne Versorgung wäre). Streisand anyone?

@kubikpixel Interessant die Cryptoparty, cooles Konzept. Nice to see ...

mal schauen ob ich zeit finde ... dürfen FLOSS Anhänger, Nerds und Privacy "Fans" auch daran teilnehmen?

Also, speaking of *vision*, and what can be told, documented and explained to make people think and act together, rather than to divide them:

The US lose an endless war in #Afghanistan, and lose face. Some will hurry to point at: immigration, terrorism, Biden, and whatnot..

When some, for 15+ years pointed consistently at: war crimes, responsibility of those deciding wars and their lies, the inner functioning and corruption of companies profiteering.

Guess who is in jail now?


#Suche ein #Fairphone 2, #gebraucht, zu einem fairen Preis, um mein gebrauchtes #Handy zu ersetzen (Akku nicht austauschbar...)

Möchte wieder ein (Google-)freies System nutzen, am liebsten #linageOS.

Gebrauchsspuren kein Problem, voll funktionsfähig.

Ggfs tuts auch ein anderes, nicht so großes und linageOS-fähiges Handy.

Gerne auch Kaufquellen-Tipps oder sonstige Infos :)

Wer #freieSoftware (#foss) und #nachhaltig en #Konsum unterstützen will teilt das als in seiner timeline ;) Danke!

The manual pages for several projects in a number of languages, including French, Spanish, and Macedonian, have been substantially improved. To benefit from this, please install manpages-xx package (where xx is the code for your preferred natural language) #NewInDebianBullseye #ReleasingDebianBullseye

CD images have been signed off - the release can continue #ReleasingDebianBullseye

Debian 11 is now cascading to a mirror near you! If you can't wait any longer, the CD images are now available from #ReleasingDebianBullseye

If your system is Debian 9 (stretch) or older, please follow the instructions in the Release Notes for Debian 10 to upgrade to Debian 10 (buster) first and then, you can upgrade to Debian 11 bullseye #ReleasingDebianBullseye

CD testing is nearing completion! The test matrix is quite extensive and most tests require real hardware so this is the most time-consuming part of the release process #ReleasingDebianBullseye

More than 6,208 people have contributed to Debian. Some of the contributors are shown in #ReleasingDebianBullseye

There are 1,152,960,944 lines of code in Debian bullseye. #ReleasingDebianBullseye

There are 645 tags in the Debtags vocabulary, with 102370 known packages to tag. Of these, 18093 were tagged by humans and 84277 were tagged by robots. #ReleasingDebianBullseye

The systemd persistent journal is active in Debian 11 by default. It doesn't replace or conflict with traditional logging daemons such as rsyslog, but it can replace them if you wish #NewInDebianBullseye #ReleasingDebianBullseye

The scanner on your combined printer/scanner device can also be accessed with driverless scanning, thanks to the new "sane-airscan" package. Try it today! #NewInDebianBullseye #ReleasingDebianBullseye

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